• Four Reasons Your Office 365 Data isn’t as Safe as You May Think

Most organisations fall under strict email and document retention regulations, where failure to comply can lead to expensive fines or worse.

Whilst Office 365 has great productivity, collaboration and security apps and tools baked in, Microsoft still expects that you take responsiblity for make sure that your data is held securely and backed-up if required. Unfortunately this is something that many organisations forget about. Read our top 4 reasons to take a closer look at the security measures you have in place outside of Office 365.

1. Compliance

Compliance with data protection regulations including GDPR, is a fact of life for most organisations (well, those who don't want to face a fine!), and often include specifications for how and where data should be kept, for how long, and that it must be backed-up.  However, by default, deleted Office 365 data is non-recoverable after a maximum of 30 days. Longer data retention times are possible, but you would require a higher spec edition of Office 365, which comes at a higher cost, as you'd expect. In addition, if you cancel your Office 365 subscription all your data is automatically deleted after 90 days. Therefore, in order to ensure you remain compliant we recommend you keep a backup of the files and data you hold in Office 365, so whatever happens with your account, your important data is kept safe and accessible.

2. Liability.

The Office 365 terms of service currently limit Microsoft’s liability to $5,000 or your last 12 months’ subscription fees should anything happen to your data — assuming you can prove it was Microsoft’s fault. In contrast, the liability you might face if your Office 365 data were lost is potentially unlimited. Given the amount of risk you bear, it’s prudent to keep a copy of your Office 365 backup data in a secure, non-Microsoft location.

3. Continuity

Accidents happen...as we've previously given you several bizarre examples of! Whether it's the common accidental data deletion by an unaware user, or something more malicious like a ransomware attack locking down your system, without sufficient back-up your files can be lost in an instant. The fallout from this could be breach of regulations, failure to deliver on customer expectations, loss of orders, loss of reputation and worse. Keeping a backed-up copy of your data means that whether it's incompetence or cyber attack that threatens your data, you've got the means to recover quickly and ensure that your organisation keeps working.


4. Vendor Lock-in

Whilst you may, like many, think that Office 365 is the bee's knees, it's possible that in the future you might decide that you want to shift to a different service. If you've not got a seperate back-up of your files and data, your migration journey to a different productivity service is going to be much more painful.

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