• What type of rack do you require?

Choosing the Right Rack for Your Application

The rack is cornerstone of every IT installation, and choosing the right model helps ensure that your servers and networking equipment are correctly and conveniently stored, organised and secured. Racks come in many sizes and types, and Tripp Lite offers a wide range of solutions for every type of application. The manufacturer offers practical advice for choosing the best model for your needs:

What type of rack do you require?

-Rack Enclosure: If access control and equipment protection are important, a locking enclosure is recommended.

-Open Frame: If you simply need an economical way to organise IT equipment where security is not a concern, open-frame racks are suggested.

-Wall Mount: For sites with limited floor space, wall mountable enclosures are ideal for securely housing IT equipment. In small but secure locations, open-frame wall mount racks provide excellent airflow and easy access to wiring.

What size rack do you need?

Be sure to make an accurate assessment of the amount of rack space you currently need, and allow for future growth. You should also determine the maximum rack depth required to mount your equipment.
Also keep in mind that racks have a weight limit. Ensure the capacity of the rack is greater than the total weight of the equipment being mounted.

Do you require any special features?

Tripp Lite offers a variety of specialty racks designed to accommodate specific needs, like extra width, co-location, disassembled shipping and more, alongside a comprehensive line of cable management and rack accessories.

How will you power the equipment in your rack?

Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are a convenient, space-saving way to power all of the devices housed within your rack. Tripp Lite offers a wide selection of rack-mountable PDUs that include basic, metered, monitored, switched, and ATS models.