• SMEs vulnerable when using free cloud storage solutions

Although SMEs claim that security is their main priority when selecting a cloud storage provider, they continue to put their information at risk by choosing free solutions, according to analyst firm Clutch.

Its study, which involved 300 SMEs, revealed that a quarter use free cloud storage. Over half of these (57%) say they use these services to store back-up and archived files. More than a quarter (28%) store financial data using this kind of service, and more than 1 in 10 store medical data (14%) and customer banking information (11%).

Clutch claims that free cloud storage does not typically have the same level of security as solutions which are paid for. This means that data which is kept in these kinds of facilities may be more likely to be breached

Riley Panko, marketing analyst at Clutch, also highlighted the importance of human diligence when it comes to protecting sensitive information. He said that there is an element of ‘ignorance towards the reality of cloud storage and security’ in businesses.

“They feel confident that their data is safe – until it isn’t,” Panko said. “Thus it’s a matter of making sure that you educate your employees in a realistic manner. Every employee should understand the consequences of a data breach of sensitive information.”