• SMEs lack cloud computing strategy

The majority of UK SMEs have no formal strategy when it comes to cloud computing, research from technology management and funding consultancy Close Brothers has found.

The company’s quarterly survey of UK SME owners and senior managers found that over half (51%) of the 906 respondents answered ‘no’ to the question: “Is your organisation formalising a cloud computing strategy?” Less than a third (29%) were able to answer the question positively and almost a fifth (19%) were “unsure.”

The North East and Wales were the regions where businesses were least likely to have a formal cloud computing strategy, with 62% and 65% of companies in these areas, respectively, admitting this. In contrast, half of London businesses had a clear cloud computing plan in place.

The study also showed business rated the importance of having a cloud computing strategy as low, with only 9% rating it as ‘very important’.

Ian McVicar, CEO at Close Brothers Technology Services, said: “It’s very important businesses don’t get left behind because cloud can be used as a competitive advantage.

“But results of the survey are quite sobering and make it clear that there is some way to go before business owners fully appreciate the importance of the cloud. Fundamentally, cloud computing means companies can avoid, for example, purchasing and hosting servers, along with other infrastructure costs.”