• More than 9 in 10 believe remote working increases productivity


Employees who work remotely using mobile devices and remote network access get more work done and are more content, research from time management specialist Time Doctor has revealed.


The company’s study, which was carried out by TINYpulse, found that 91% of workers surveyed said that they get more work done outside of the office. Additionally, employees who chose to work remotely felt significantly happier and more valued at work in comparison to all employees surveyed. 


The report reveals some potential reasons why remote workers feel this way; more than 40% said that they ‘enjoy the freedom of choosing when or where to work’, and almost a third claimed that this style of working was more accommodating of their family needs. 


However just 8% said they didn’t like working in an office indicating that it’s the flexibility that remote workers really value. In fact, another survey from Powwownow found that 40% of those interviewed would choose flexible working over a pay rise, and 70% said it would make a job more attractive to them.


Read about how South Lakes Housing improved working flexibility, productivity and collaboration by deploying a hybrid solutions to support their employees working on-site and in the field.


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