• Government report cites cyberattacks as top risk

A report released by the British government has named cyberattacks as a top threat for the UK.

Prime Minister Theresa May's first National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence review has revealed the government’s cybersecurity priorities for the coming years, which include investing in technology and plugging the digital skills gap.

"The range of cyber threats and cyber actors threatening the UK has grown significantly – both from state and non-state actors," the report said. "The UK increasingly relies on networked technology in all areas of society, business and government. This means that we could be vulnerable to attacks on parts of networks that are essential for the day-to-day running of the country and the economy."

As part of its strategy to protect British businesses from cybercrime, the government is advising companies to undergo security training. So far, it has issued 2,673 certificates for its Cyber Essentials scheme.
The report also said that the government plans to spend £1.9 billion on improving the country’s digital defences and protections.

"This will include active cyber defence, a national cyber security centre, a dedicated ability to counter-attack in cyberspace, an ambitious skills programme, and help to grow the UK cyber security sector," it explained.