• Education institutions are falling behind in technology revolution, says EdTechX

More needs to be done to help bring technology into the education sector, according to a report by EdTechX, a summit of international educationalists.

Their study revealed that the global education market is now worth over $5 trillion, but claimed a very small proportion of this money is currently spent on digital technologies – leaving the industry and the students behind in the technological revolution.

EdTechX co-founders, Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet and Charles McIntyre, argue that digital education is the, “reset button of the global economy.” They claim that investing in IT equipment and training in schools, colleges and universities could have wide-reaching consequences well beyond the boundaries of the sector.

The report added that well-used technology can turn what was once a classroom nuisance into a tool for learning. Personal mobile devices, which were once viewed as a distraction, can be embraced as part of a BYOD policy. With many interactive projectors network enabled, they can display content from tablets or mobile phones and pupils can be involved in the learning process in a way not before possible.

As the workplace becomes more and more digitised, the report said it is imperative that schools follow suit to ensure that they are adequately preparing students for the world of work.