• Confidence in the ability to detect cyber threats has fallen

Cybersecurity professionals’ confidence in their ability to detect threats is falling in the face of an “over-whelming cyber-threat environment,” according to network security company Tenable.

The company’s 2017 Global Cybersecurity Assurance Report Card surveyed 700 cybersecurity operations professionals and found that areas in which these experts felt least able to detect threats were cloud infrastructure and web applications. The respondents’ overall score for risk assessment capabilities was measured at 61%, a big drop from last year’s score of 73%.

Chris Thomas, strategist for Tenable Network Security, said: “I hoped we would see things improve a bit, but that did not happen. Almost all the scores across the board—the grades—went down, and I was very surprised to see that this year.”

However, the professionals surveyed did show some hope for the future. Almost two thirds of respondents said that they were more optimistic about cybersecurity than they were last year, compared to less than 10% who were more pessimistic. Thomas added: “As a defender that is important. If we had bad grades and we were pessimistic, that would be really bad.”

Across all industries surveyed, retail came out on top as the most cybersecure sector, with government and educations lagging at the bottom of the table.

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