• Your checklist for choosing the right cloud backup

Many people think the only question is “What is the best way to make backups?”  That’s certainly a critical question but business data is the very lifeblood of your business. 

You can’t afford to look at only half the equation. Questions about recovering data are even more important and to the point: 

  • Is there any doubt that what I’ve backed up can be restored in the event of a crisis?
  • How difficult will it be?
  • How long will it take to get everything running again? 
  • How much money will I lose waiting for data to be restored? For an hour? A day? A week?
  • Will I have the right help if I need it in an emergency?

Data backup is a little like buying car insurance: Should you focus on an insurance company’s price and how easy it is to buy insurance? Or should you focus more on what might happen if you have an accident -- when you really, really need the company’s support and a quick settlement?

Ultimately it comes down to trust. Trust in the professionalism of the people advising you on data protection. Trust in the backup and restore processes. Trust in the hardware and software.

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Making the right choice is critical to your success.

We have designed this resource to help you choose a cloud backup service provider that:  

  • Meets your needs 

  • Provides comfort in their level of support and is easy to work with

  • Uses the right technology

  • Provides value beyond the software

Key Considerations When Assessing Prospective Cloud Backup Service Providers.

Trust in the Service Provider

  • Does the service provider have a good reputation?
  • How long have they been in business? How stable is their company?
  • How many customers do they have?
  • What kind of customers do they have? Are their customers of a similar size and environment to your company?
  • Does the service provider have experience in the same or similar industry (vertical) as yours? 
  • Do they have experience helping with data disaster recovery under conditions seen in your business?
  • Are they familiar with laws and standards of your industry?

 What sort of press or recognition have they received?

  • Is their recognition based simply on price and brand image, or on their history of supporting customers in a data crisis?
  • Is their press recognition mostly from consumer or business press?
  • Do they have customer testimonials on web sites?

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Trust in the Service Provider’s Technology

  • What technology is the vendor’s service based on?

  • Is it DIY? Best only for photos and music? A so-called business version of a consumer service? Or is it truly business class? 

  • If more expensive, is it more than I need?

  • Does it require monitoring or intervention? 

  • If it’s “set it and forget it,” can I really trust it?

  • How exactly are backups done and how will it affect my daily operations?

  • Is it fully integrated? Does it work well with my particular operating system and applications and services? 

  • Will it work well with software or systems I may want to implement?

  • Software sophistication? Is it feature rich? Customizable for specific needs?

  • Does it offer full, incremental and continuous data protection services?

  • Does it make data recovery testing easy?

  • Does it include backup file validation?

  • Autonomic data healing?

  • Is it easy to configure and maintain? 

  • Does it require much technical knowledge or aptitude? 

  • How long does it take to set up and what does it involve?

  • Is it necessary to install extra software, which requires technician time, system shutdown and reboot?

  • Is there 24x7 support?

  • Does it require more space and power for extra appliances?

  • How well does the platform work with remote offices? Laptops?  PDAs and Smart Phones?

  • I have too much data to do a full restore over typical ADSL or cable lines. Does the vendor platform provide 24/7 rapid physical delivery of data in the event of data emergency?

  • What are the options for a bare metal restore?

  • I have many servers and a more sophisticated IT environment. Does the platform work well with virtualisation?

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