• BYOD now an integral part of business

The use of personal mobile devices for work is now common within most companies, research from Syntonic has revealed.

The study found that almost two thirds (64%) of employees use their own smartphone for work purposes, while almost half (45%) are required to do this.

A mobile app and content business, Syntonic said that with BYOD now widespread, extra vigilance was needed against cyberthreats. The report found that nearly half (43%) are either not aware of their employer’s BYOD policy or work for a company with no formal policy in place to protect against threats.

"By now, it's a well-known fact that BYOD provides a significant boost to employee productivity – our survey takes it a step further, showing that it's time for employers and employees to enter a new phase of thinking if we are to close the gaps within current BYOD usage and continue enjoying the benefits," said Gary Greenbaum, CEO of Syntonic.

"By conducting two individual surveys on each group, it's clear that both parties agree on the need to separate work from personal use. They both need and want reimbursement policies that fairly compensate employees, and safeguard employers from overspending while ensuring compliance with new laws."

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