• Better connectivity needed in Britain’s primary schools

The number of UK primary schools who describe their internet access as ‘good’ has fallen compared to last year, according to research from the trade association British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA).

Only slightly more than half of primary schools surveyed (52%) in the organisation’s report said that they had ‘good’ internet, a drop of 10% compared to the results of last year’s survey. The rising use of personal devices could account for slower speeds, due to the increased demand on Wi-Fi networks. Given that access to tablets in schools in primary schools is set to grow by almost a fifth (17%) next year, schools are advised to invest in appropriate internet connectivity.

Next year’s spending on software, including learning platforms and assessment solutions,  is also expected to grow 11% compared to this academic year.

"The next couple of years I think are going to be tough in terms of the finance going into ed tech in schools - this focus is on ICT and technology. But even though it's tough, you're still doing better than lots of other sectors," said Caroline Wright, director of BESA.

She added: "We are seeing such a tightening and contraction in schools that even digital is seeing some hard times. We're only seeing assessment spend in positive at the moment."