• More than 9 in 10 believe remote working increases productivity

Employees who work remotely using mobile devices and remote network access get more work done and are more content, research from time management specialist Time Doctor has revealed.

The company’s study, which was carried out by TINYpulse, found that 91% of workers surveyed said that they get more work done outside of the office. On a scale of 1 – 10, remote employees rated their happiness as 8.1, compared to 7.42 for those who worked in the office.

The report also revealed that more than 41% said that they ‘enjoy the freedom of choosing when or where to work’. Almost a third (28%) claimed that this style of working was more accommodating of their family needs, while 22% said that it was a requirement of their job and 8% said they didn’t like working in an office.

Another finding of the research was that the happiest employees are those working outside of the ‘normal’ 9 – 5. Those who spread their work across seven days, but had shorter working day, rated their happiness on average as 8.49 out of 10. This is higher than those who worked 9 – 5, five days a week, who rated their level of contentment at 7.88 out of 10.

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