• MO Holdings - IT infrastructure

The Customer

The MO Holdings group of companies covers a diverse range of industries, including Property Development, Freight Forwarding, Recruitment and Internet Portals. This diversity whilst interesting, leads to daily challenges and testing situations."

We would look to Probrand for advice and where necessary installation for any future IT upgrades and changes."

Max Wilkinson, IT Manager, MO Holdings

The Challenge

The main Domain Controller and E-mail server at MO Holdings central London Head Office had been outgrown, both in terms of aging server hardware and the limitations of Windows Small Business Server as an operating system.

Due to the 24/7 nature of both the Internet Portals and International Freight Forwarding, downtime during this project had to be negligible.

Historically MO Holdings had added hardware as growth had dictated without investigating other options and possible configurations. It was important that Probrand provided a stable and scalable solution.

The Solution

Probrand provideds a Hewlett Packard Proliant server running Windows server 2003 as its operating system. It was decided to install Exchange 2003 due to licensing restrictions and to prevent incompatibility with legacy applications. This server hardware was specified so as to provide for all current needs and allow for future upgrade requirements.

An Engineer was briefed to provide Probrand“compassionate” install standards, so as to minimise any possible downtime or disruption. Initially the new server was run in tandem with the existing system, and once the engineer was satisfied with the configuration, the data, applications and finally the mailboxes and email settings were transferred.

Due to the critical nature of email within the MO Holdings business model it was decided to continue running the legacy server for a period of 1 week to ensure 100% that the changeover was complete. At this time the legacy server was retired from service within the Head Office, restored to its factory default settings and re-utilised at one of the remote sites.

The Benefits

"Making any major changes to our IT infrastructure always raises concerns relating to downtime and ongoing issues, as an organisation Probrand have supported our existing network for the past 18 months but this was the first installation that they had undertaken. The knowledge of the assigned engineers was very impressive and the levels of expertise and professionalism during the install led to a minimum of disruption. We would look to Probrand for advice and where necessary installation for any future IT upgrades and changes."

Max Wilkinson, IT Manager, MO Holdings

Probrand also installed Server Monitoring:

"This managed service has reduced the number of times our IT system impacts on the business increasing our uptime to over 99%. When we do have down time it is no longer hours, it's minutes. As a proactive service, Probrand's proactive IT support flags issues before they become problems allowing Probrand to find a proactive resolution without us even knowing. It's like having our own in-house IT department 247. Our IT system is more efficient, has fewer problems and allows us to focus on doing business rather than weathering an IT headache. Probrand's proactive IT support is an asset to the business."

Max Wilkinson, IT Manager, MO Holdings