• One to one eLearning improves academic skills

Pupils’ academic skills improve when they have one to one access to computers in the classroom, research from the Learning Foundation has found.

In a study carried out by the educational technology consultancy, 40% of parents whose children had previously had access to computers thought that giving them one to one access to the technology improved their results at school. This figure rose to 70% among those parents whose children had previously had no access to computers.

Almost three quarters (74%) of parents thought that their children were more engaged with school when they had a computer to themselves and only slightly fewer (72%) said that they also saw an improvement in how they engaged with homework.

Unsurprisingly, almost all participants in the study (96%) felt that their children’s IT skills had been improved by one to one eLearning. Almost eight in 10 (77%) said that their child had an improved attitude to their studies, 85% said they are taking more responsibility for their learning and 70% said they now receive better marks for school or homework than before.

Paul Finnis, chief executive of the Learning Foundation, said: “The UK is yet again having to face the fact that only half of children in Year 6 have met the new expected standards in their Key Stage 2 SAT tests.  
“We believe that implementing successful 1:1 e-learning programmes, which we see working so well in our partner schools, could have a profound impact on that deficit.”