• Probrand warns local businesses, Russia could be spying on you

Probrand is warning local businesses that a Russian-based cyber-attack could have access to your network based cameras and be streaming live feeds straight to the internet.

Data watchdogs from across the world have drawn attention to this site, which, according to the Information Commissioner’s Office is broadcasting footage from IT networked security cameras in over 250 countries and other territories. It currently provides 500 separate feeds from the UK alone.

Privacy watchdogs have identified that the cyber-criminals are getting into internet-connected cameras which have either default passwords or no log-in passwords at all.

Internet cameras are commonplace and business is no stranger to the benefits of using such cameras for property surveillance and security as well as for holding meetings and video-conferences. But this new level of cyber-crime sparks concern that the very element that is supposed to be protecting your property could be leaving extremely confident data and valuable assets exposed.

Aside from being an obvious violation of privacy, this cyber-attack has a number of legal and compliance implications, including breaching the Data Protection Act and the Computer Misuse Act. Businesses need to take measures to protect themselves.

Speaking on the breach, Mark Allbutt Tech Manager at Probrand, suggests simple steps to keep cyber-criminals out:  

“Wherever you’re going to have anything connected to the internet its good practice to check your network is secure. It should be protected with the relevant firewalls and strong usernames and passwords to ensure that the network isn’t being breached. 

“Check your firewall is securely configured, tested and has been updated in the last 2 years for modern threat protection. This will make it difficult for threats to get in. Furthermore, communicate with employees, make them aware of the issue and educate them on security processes.

“This cyber-attack begs the question of when will we start seeing computer webcams and mobile webcams being compromised by malware? And what will that expose?”