• UK government prioritises technology when providing education for adults

The government has announced that it will provide free digital skills training for adults in the UK, in a bid to ensure that everyone can make the most of modern technology.

Funding for the training, which will help providers to pay teachers as well as purchase the necessary computing equipment, will be given to colleges and other institutions which have adult education programmes.  The training on offer will concentrate on those skills most vital for participating in modern society.

The Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Karen Bradley, highlighted the need for more adults who can effectively use modern hardware, software and other computing equipment. She said: “In today’s digital economy, being able to use modern technology and navigate the internet should be considered as important as English and Maths.

“However, too many people struggle to get by, with more than 10 million adults in England lacking the basic digital skills they need.”

The government has said that the digital skills gap in the UK is costing the economy billions every year, as many adults are unable to work because of poor technological capabilities. Some companies are also wary of pushing ahead with new technologies as employees lack the necessary skills.