• Teachers believe technology will transform learning by 2025

Education professionals believe that technology will dramatically change the way that students learn over the next decade, a report from Polycom has revealed.

The majority of teachers surveyed thought that by 2025 we will see remote learning become a more integral part of the learning experience – with 53% saying that real-time video collaboration and mobile devices will be the main way students engage with content by 2025.

Andrew Graley, Polycom’s director of healthcare, education and government for EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), highlighted the importance of these technologies in connecting students with inspiring and knowledgeable people. He commented: “With the real-time video collaboration technology that’s available today, there’s no reason why students can’t speak to industry experts about their field of study.

“It’s possible to connect with an expert anywhere in the world at any time – it’s just one click away.”
The study also highlighted that when students complete tasks at home using mobile devices, hours spent is the classroom with a teacher can be more focused on practical and interactive leaning.

Graley added: “By allowing an engaging, accessible, and cost-effective approach to education, technology opens up the prospect of higher education, personalised courses, and teacher-training to a much broader population.”