• Scottish Government emphasises importance of classroom technology

The Scottish Government has pledged its support to the use of technology in the classroom after unveiling more than 40 action points in a new strategy to boost the teaching of digital skills.

A key objective of Holyrood’s strategy is improved access to technology for all learners and the development of teachers’ skills. It claims that appropriate IT hardware and software, as well as well-trained educators, are essential for the effective teaching of digital skills.

The government’s strategy document, called ‘Enhancing Learning and Teaching through the use of Digital Technology’, also aims to ensure that digital technology is a central consideration in all areas of curriculum and assessment delivery. Its final objective is to empower leaders of change to drive innovation and investment in digital technology for teaching and learning.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney said: “Evidence shows technology in the classroom can enhance learning and teaching, lead to improved educational outcomes and equip our children and young people with vital digital skills.” He added: “Technology can be a powerful and engaging tool to enrich learning.”

He also highlighted that increasing children’s digital skills would improve their later lives, commenting that he hoped the strategy would help teachers “to use technology to its best potential so children can improve their educational outcomes and develop skills that will be vital for their life, learning and work.”