• Hospital care activities done at home?


Many treatments which are currently carried out in hospitals could be carried out at home in the future, according to research from Gupta Strategists.

The No Place Like Home study from the Dutch healthcare management consultancy showed that within 10 years, 46% of activities which currently require a hospital setting could be completed remotely in a patient’s home.

Routine consultations which don’t require physical tests, for example, could be done by a video call between doctor and patient using tablets, computers or smartphones. This sort of solution would mean that patients would spend less time travelling for healthcare and reduce in-patient visits would cut costs for hospitals.

The report said: “Remote monitoring and electronic patient records are the two big enablers of moving patient care out of the hospital and into the home, and they are rapidly becoming more commonly used. The availability of large sets of digital data is accelerating the transition to care at home in two important ways.

“First, doctors are more likely to decide to send a patient home because they can make a good risk assessment about whether the patient is likely to encounter complications when recovering or receiving treatment at home. Second, doctors can closely monitor the patient at home and intervene when necessary. This makes sending patients home safer than ever before.”