• NHS trust creates single patient records system

Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust has created a single Patient Administration System (PAS) for use across community and acute services. It has achieved this by merging its community patient administration system with its central IT system.

When the trust took over community services from Wolverhampton City Primary Care Trust in 2011, acute services and community services were run using different systems. As the contract for the community system was coming to an end in July 2016, the trust decided to migrate all records onto the same cloud-based PAS.  

It has matched and merged more than 109,000 master patient index records and has created 20,000 new records and 5,000 new registrations for those service users not already on the PAS. The migration took six months to complete.

Nick Bruce, associate director of ICT at the trust, emphasised the importance of making sure that patient records and information are “accurate and up-to-date to support hospital processes such as sending appointment letters to patients or notifying their GPs on progress with their care.”

He added: “Given the time frame, the migration has gone very well. I think we’re in a very good position.”
Moving forward, the trust is looking to consolidate and standardise its practises across the organisation using its clinical web portal.