• NHS global centre of digital excellence

NHS England has invited 26 trusts to apply for a share of funding which totals more than £100 million in order to become centres of global digital excellence.

The trusts will be able to apply for up to £10m each to improve the way they use technology, including investment in digital infrastructure and providing specialist training. Of the 26, 10 – 16 will be granted funding to become centres of global digital excellence. These centres will then lead the way for the rest of the NHS to improve its use of technology.

Professor Keith McNeil, chief clinical information officer at NHS England, said: “It is evident the benefits of investing in and optimising use of digital technology to improve efficiency and enhance care are more widely understood but we are not yet realising these benefits at scale or sufficiently quickly.”

Trusts who apply for the funding will be assessed on their use of electronic records, how they share information, and how securely data is used and stored.

The first centres of global digital excellence will be selected from the acute sector. However, as the project continues it is hoped that they will be established in community, mental health and ambulance settings as well.