• Leabrook House Nursing Home updates wireless network

The Customer

Leabrook House is a private nursing home, in Tipton, West Midlands, which supports the needs of adults with a variety of physical and learning disabilities. Based over two sites, the organisation can have up to 220 staff offering permanent and temporary care to as many as 93 residents and 10 day care visitors. 

The Challenge - Wireless network internet access

Leabrook House promotes itself as ‘a home from home’ to its residents. As such the management aims to offer residents the same facilities they would commonly enjoy in their own households, such as wireless network internet access. Unfortunately the care home’s previous ICT provider had been unable to supply a reliable internet connection to all areas of the nursing home’s two adjacent sites. This had led to a high number of complaints which was having a negative impact on referrals to the home. 

The Solution - Ruckus wireless

Leabrook House asked Probrand to conduct a site survey and propose a solution. This investigation found that the wireless system installed was completely inadequate as the modern fire and insulation standards used were blocking the wireless signal. 

Probrand installed Ruckus wireless access points to ensure there was 100% coverage throughout the site and provided additional performance to handle modern demands of staff, residents and visitors. 

Probrand also implemented a managed firewall which would provide granular control over internet usage and restrict certain types of internet browsing when required. 

The Benefits - Reduced complaints

All the staff, residents and visitors at Leabrook House can access the internet wherever they may be on site. This has dramatically reduced complaints and allowed staff to concentrate on care giving rather than connectivity issues. 

Happy residents: The guarantee of an internet connection is helping improve the stay of residents at the home, who can remain in touch with the outside world. 
Faultless connectivity: Improved Wi-Fi connectivity has not just improved the lives of residents, it has ensured staff can carry on with their work uninterrupted.
Quality service: Confident that its Wi-Fi problems are resolved and happy with the service provided, the management is now looking to further improve its ICT with a desktop refresh across both sites.

Andy said: “We are a family run business and we just want things to work as they should. With Probrand, any problems are sorted either immediately or within a day. Everything they have said they will do for us they have done.

“The experience has been very good, and with the wireless now sorted we are looking at other ways we can improve, such as replacing all the computers that are no longer fit for purpose.”