• Education sector urged to invest more in IT infrastructure

Organisations in the education sector must invest more in IT infrastructure and digital content, according to the 2016 Veeam Availability Report.

The survey of 1140 IT managers in 24 countries revealed that just 36% of private and higher education institutes currently invest in private cloud infrastructure and only 30% are looking to add new IT sites or datacentres, despite the increase in online materials.

Richard Agnew, ‎VP NW EMEA, Veeam Software, highlighted the importance of technology for today’s students. He commented: “The students approaching this year will see technology as second nature. Now, more than ever, is the optimal time for the education sector as a whole to think about the infrastructure that supports the wider trends in digital transformation.”

Many networks currently in use will be unable to cope as data traffic increases. Frequent network failures make it difficult to access data and have a huge negative impact on learning processes.

Agnew added: “What’s important is that schools and universities have in place a rapid and reliable mechanism for protecting and recovering student data, while providing real-time access to centralised services, including class programmes, research materials and in-class services.

“There’s no use in spending vast quantities on hardware, software and digital learning programmes when there’s no guarantee they can be accessed or recovered quickly.”