• Probrand set to help UK Local Authorities improve delivery of digital services to citizens

Technology provider, Probrand, is set to break the mould of bespoke software delivery to Local Government. The business is offering the KnowledgeKube software platform through Lot 9 of the Local Authority Software Applications (LASA); a section of the Government procurement framework that focuses on Open Government Systems, Interoperability and Integration Services. The Framework contract is worth up to £300 million over four years and will help local Government to make significant savings on software costs.

Developed by Probrand’s software company Mercato Solutions, KnowledgeKube enables automation of business processes as a software platform for rapid creation of business applications at significantly reduced cost and risk.  It is one of few to achieve IL2 Pan Government Accreditation (PGA) for information security around shared services. The platform will help to improve the speed of innovation within Local Government and deliver efficiency and productivity.

The Framework Agreement is designed to increase the ease with which local authorities can purchase, support, and commission systems software for key operations such as libraries systems and revenue and benefits collection. Led by the Crown Commercial Service, procurement for the framework has been carried out as part of a wider partnership with Pro5, the London ICT Programme and the Local Government Association (LGA).

The LASA Framework can be used by the majority of the public sector but will primarily be used by local authorities within the UK to improve openness, interoperability and data sharing between systems, citizens and staff.

As Government continues to drive efficiency into public services with a ‘digital by default’ approach, the KnowledgeKube platform is set to help the public sector deliver on its transformation and productivity objectives.

KnowledgeKube is currently used by a variety of organisations spanning sectors from healthcare to insurance and includes global deployments in 170 countries and 22 languages.

Probrand managing director, Peter Robbins, said: “Government has experienced some hard knocks with bespoke software projects and this is where our approach will deliver on smarter working objectives without the time and cost of bespoke software development work.

“A platform and services based approach means departments have greater control, which means even complex processes can be automated in a short timeframe.”

An IDC Government Insights Market Spotlight report found that 64% of public sector respondents believed their processes were inefficient and that more efficient processes could reduce overall costs by 9 percent. These fixes were also cited as methods of improving services.

Robbins continues: “It is possible for Government to drive down costs and reduce spend while maximising service delivery using technology. A software platform that removes the risk associated with bespoke development is one that breaks down barriers to enable rapid transformation for both IT and business departments.”

About the Collaborative Framework Agreement
The Collaborative Framework Agreement is for use by UK public sector bodies which include Central Government Departments and their Arm’s Length Bodies and Agencies, Non Departmental Public Bodies, NHS bodies and Local Authorities. These Public Sector bodies have a need for software and related services that enable primarily Local Authorities within the UK to deliver services to their citizens.

About the Crown Commercial Service
The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) works with both departments and organisations across the whole of the public sector to ensure maximum value is extracted from every commercial relationship and improve the quality of service delivery. The CCS goal is to become the “go-to” place for expert commercial and procurement services.

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