• Researchers set to create web portal to share cancer data

EU scientists plan to create a web portal which will allow them to share genetic data taken from analysis of cancerous mutations.

Once the web portal is set up, scientists will be able to examine cancer cell lines along with which drugs they respond to. They can then use this information to pinpoint which cancer patients will respond best to certain treatments.

Researchers have gathered huge datasets on genetic mutations in cancerous cells. They compared this patient data to cancer cell lines and their responses to therapeutic compounds. By examining the overlap between patient cell responses and cell line responses they were able to predict which drugs will fight particular cancers.  
Mathew Garnett, a cancer biologist at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, said: “If you can identify the clinically relevant features in cell lines and correlate those with drug response, you're one step closer to identifying a drug interaction that could be important for a patient.

"We've taken a leap forward in doing this type of study in a very comprehensive and systematic way, as opposed to what often is done, where someone might do it with a single drug or in a single cell line. It's by no means the end of the journey--but it's a huge milestone."