• Samsung DME-BR Interactive Displays

Seamless, wireless and perfect for education

Samsung DME-BR Interactive Displays (65”, 75” and 82”) are powerful and uniquely flexible displays that can enhance classroom collaboration, engage students and help to deliver an inspiring learning experience.

Enhance the learning experience

NEW Airscreen functionality allows wireless desktop sharing and control for up to four Windows devices enabling teachers to maintain students’ attention and facilitate group work for more personalised education and interactive lessons.

Highly efficient learning environments

Embedded MagicIWB S2 software, a simple out-of-box annotation and content sharing tool, delivers a cost effective, easy and convenient means of integrating external content for enthralling classroom lessons without the need to connect to a PC.

Effective student engagement

Discover how a renowned prep school based in West Sussex, moved from projector-based systems to Samsung Interactive Displays in order to create a richer and more connected learning experience for pupils… CLICK HERE