• Pokémon Go style AR to enter uni classrooms

Augmented reality could be used to teach potentially dangerous subjects, according to a lecturer from the University of Derby.

Ben Sams, lecturer in electrical and electronic engineering, said: “It means that we can teach subjects like crime scene investigation, high power workstations and emergency rescue situations without subjecting students to a high level of risk.”

Augmented reality (AR) uses technology to project images on to real life environments through a device such as a smartphone.

This technology has recently broken through to the mainstream through the massive popularity of Pokémon Go. The app was downloaded 10 million times on its release date in Japan, and proved so popular that its release in the UK was pushed back to 14 July.

Sams said that the technology had been on the edge of mainstream adoption for a number of years before the explosion of Pokémon Go. However, he highlighted that there was still a lot of work to be done before a truly immersive experience could be achieved.

He said: “To achieve higher quality augmented reality experiences blended with other systems like surround sound and 360 video needs significant development work.”