• How to improve your IT network on a budget

We all know that business budgets are getting tighter and tighter – long gone are the days of frivolous spending. So when your office is filled with tired IT network that is in need of a refresh, how can you do this without splurging? Here are eight key points to get you moving...

1. New opportunities = New technology

The simple fact is that an upgrade to your network will allow your organisation to seek new opportunities. Many of you may think – we have been fine up to now, what is the problem with our old network?! Well, here is the problem with your old network. It’s likely with technological advancements hitting us every day that your old network won’t be able to cope with the demanding next generation of applications. Applications that need an increased bandwidth and a quality of service functions.


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2. Effective solutions make efficient users

The optimum network design will allow your applications run faster. Faster applications allow users within your organisation to work more efficiently. A great example is – in an organisation the CRM went from loading in over a minute to loading under three seconds by simply applying basic design principles to the network.

3. Minimise downtime

Downtime affects all businesses no matter the size. If you cannot rely on your network, how can you expect customers rely on you. Network upgrades give organisations the upper hand and the ability to make their systems more reliable and reduce the level of downtime.

4. Safety first

You would never leave the office and expect it not to be locked and alarmed every night, yet you are leaving valuable property exposed and there for the taking. Working on insecure old networks leaves you exposed to being hacked. Simply by connecting to the internet for web browsing and email you are opening a door for unwelcomed visitors to come in and take what they want.  A complete security platform for your network needs to include policies covering; anti-virus, anti-spam, firewalls and wireless connections at a minimum.

5. Find your inner eco-warrior

Whether you choose to believe it or not climate change is the greatest environmental concern of our time. To combat this threat organisations around the world are coming under increased scrutiny to demonstrate environmentally friendly practices. Simply by choosing an energy efficient server can save your business time and money as well as giving you those all-important green credentials to shout about.

6. Is your legacy technology still supported?

Older devices not only slow down towards the end of their working life, but you will often find support may have been cut from the manufacturers. Without technical support, replacement parts and software patches, more often than not your network can run into problems.  Upgrading your network will also give you the chance to renegotiate support agreements enabling you to drive down costs.

7. Improve network management

Upgraded enable you to both simplify and improve network tools, making day to day management easier and improving issue diagnosis.

8. Future proof your IT

Switching to a more modular network can assist with future-proofing your IT. It will enable you to make improvements more easily in the future.

Is your network holding you back?

With business demands expanding, ensuring your network works harder and faster is critical. So, why not find out if your network is up to the challenge with our FREE* network assessment.

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