• HE professionals’ embrace online training

Higher education professionals’ have revealed their preferred online learning topics in a study carried out by the Education Technology Industry Network (ETIN).

The survey found the most popular use of online learning was for software and digital resources training (34%) and classroom management strategies (34%), followed by digital device training (33%).

Over half of the HE respondents in the American organisation’s survey (51%) were currently enrolled on an online professional development course. The most common reason by far for subscribing to an online course was ‘to increase personal knowledge’ (80%). This was followed by, ‘to receive continuing education credits’’ (32%), ‘as a job requirement’ (32%) and ‘to qualify for a salary increase’ (13%).
The majority (64%) of educators surveyed were enrolled in courses through an education provider. However, some were also enrolled via online communities (42%), a company or vendor (34%) or a conference organiser (10%).
Two thirds of those surveyed made use of flexible, self-paced training. Unlike traditional professional development courses, online training often allows users to decide how quickly they complete the course.
Karen Billings, vice president and managing director of ETIN, said: “Educators have an increasing number of online professional learning choices that provide them with a flexible alternative to traditional professional development formats.”