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As the emergence of cloud computing and growth of data volumes has transformed data centres, the prevalence of mobile devices is having a similar impact on the corporate network.

Gartner has claimed that Wi-Fi will become the default connection for both non-mobile devices as well as mobile - estimating that 40% of enterprises will specify Wi-Fi as the default connection for non-mobile devices by 2018.

Rohit Mehra, vice president of network infrastructure at IDC, said: "Organisations are migrating to 802.11ac in order to experience wire-like speeds that enable a more nimble, mobile enterprise. As the 802.11ac ecosystem grows even more robust, expect this to continue for the foreseeable future."

Such is the demand for 802.11ac equipment that the consumer market in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region grow 479.2% in 2014.

Some analysts have argued that with the 802.11ac standard providing bandwidth equal to or surpassing that available to wired users, this will bring an end to the use of Ethernet in smaller offices.

Irwin Lazar, vice president at Nemertes Research, said: “Will 802.11ac kill wired Ethernet? In many small offices and open workspaces the answer is clearly yes. But the road to the wireless-only office will have some bumps along the way.”

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Software defined is already pushing into the world of storage and compute strongly, but it’s also going to be making more progress in networking.  Watch for network solutions that are more software based, even including switches with support for different switch ‘operating systems’.  For larger businesses, there can be significant benefits when building the foundation for your private clouds.

SMBs should look toward continuing to build the foundation for a more productive workforce, and that typically means a more mobile workforce. The best wireless solutions should be easy and simple to roll out, but give strong, wired-grade reliability and performance.  It’s 2016 – there’s no excuse for patchy wireless!

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