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With the volume of data generated by organisations expected to grow rapidly, there will need to be a corresponding growth in storage capacity. Research by Forrester has revealed that more than half (56%) of IT professionals believe this storage requirement will be the main driver behind data centre expansion.

The emergence of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) has seen more and more businesses turn to cloud providers to provide a scalable and affordable solution. The Debate remains, however, over what data companies are prepared to store in the cloud.

Concerns over data sovereignty and security have made many reticent to utilise public cloud services for sensitive information. Yet two thirds of Western European small to medium-sized businesses are reported to be using the cloud for disaster recovery.


Amrita Choudhury, Ovum’s analyst for infrastructure solutions, said: “Cloud-based storage has been a catalyst for major change in the backup and recovery arena. It also provides several benefits including scalability, flexibility, accessibility, monitoring ease, and affordable pricing.”

Organisations are becoming more efficient in cloud storage by consolidating their own on-premise storage infrastructures with the help of deduplication technologies. They are also increasingly developing their own private clouds and gaining the associated benefits by deploying solutions such as thin provisioning.

While there are clear reasons to both maintain an on-premise solution and also take advantage of the flexibility offered by cloud providers, it is expected that many businesses will develop a hybrid approach to storage.

Cameron Haight, research vice president at Gartner, said: “Through a mixture of cloud services and in-house equipment that is right for their organisation, a web-scale approach can turn IT into a tangible competitive advantage for smaller companies in the way it has for internet giants.”

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When looking toward cloud providers to meet your storage needs, ensure you know where your data is, and what security standards the provider meets.  Check into how easily you can turn on and off the tap of resources to gain complete flexibility around cost, and make sure you can roll out and tear-down storage services at will, on your own terms.

For on-premise solutions, flexibility is key.  We all want our storage to scale and grow with us, but we also need to make sure that storage can be presented out in a variety of ways.  Look for storage solutions that can offer both NAS and SAN, preferably without requiring additional hardware or software components.  That way you’ll have a simple way to present storage in whatever way may be required in the future.

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