• Top five Buyers' tips for purchasing a convertible Ultrabook

Why a convertible ultrabook?

Offering the best of both worlds, the convertible Ultrabook allows users to change their notebook into a table and adapt to the working needs. Benefiting from the weight savings and increased battery life of the convertible Ultrabook, this ‘2-in1’ has added versatility. It is ideal for anyone who wants to sit and work, but also needs to stand up and deliver presentations.

Tip 1 - Price

Depending on price, users could find compromises are made, often in regards to the ability to fully twist and rotate the screen, hide or protect the keyboard and with the weight.

Tip 2 - Power and Storage

Like all electronic products, Ultrabooks can vary in battery life, this is due to the size of the battery packs or lower-power processors used.  For example, the HP Folio 13 has an impressive 59Wh battery, unlike most Ultrabooks tend to have 50Wh or smaller. Again you should think about the weight of your Ultrabook, as longer battery life tends to mean heavier device. The averaged battery life for an Ultrabook is 4-5 hours.


Tip 3 - Operating System

Is the OS tailored for tablet or convertible mode? This has previously impacted usability when switching - although the release of the Windows 10 should provide greater comfort in both forms.

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Tip 4 - Keyboard

If typing is a priority, make sure the keyboard ergonomics are not compromised. If you are wanting to use the keyboard more frequently you should test it before buying - is there enough space below the keyboard for your palms? Is the touchpad sensitive enough?

Tip 5 - Weight

If the primary use will be in the tablet mode, the extra weight of the keyboard could prove an inconvenience. Would a tablet be better?

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