• Students unlikely to cheat during online tests

Students answer test questions honestly - even when the answers are just a click away - a study presented at the conference of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) has revealed.

Researchers from California offered students a ‘show answer’ button during an online test and recorded whether they chose this option or answered earnestly. The report said: “89% of students earnestly attempted 60%-100% of questions, with 73% earnestly attempting 80%-100%."

The survey examined 550 students from a variety of universities and colleges. The study claimed that the results support the idea of using online testing tools having a real value when learning. The report concluded: "Students will take advantage of a well-designed learning opportunity rather than just quickly earning points."

Previous studies have also found that online learning is beneficial for students. Research from the US Department of Education revealed that on average, students in online learning conditions performed modestly better than those receiving face-to-face instruction.

The new study claimed that remote learning can offer an alternative for those worried about rising tuition fees and living costs. It is also a convenient way for professionals to upskill alongside work. It predicted that study outside of the physical classrooms will grow in popularity.