• Specialist cancer hospital uses wristband technology to track blood

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust has implemented new blood transfusion technology that will allow it to track blood and match it to patients. New system will also support observations and decision making across its sites.

The hospital has rolled out software to control access to blood fridges though fingerprints. It has also combined this technology with a ‘positive patient identification’ system, PPID360, which uses barcoded labels and wristbands to match blood to the correct patient. The web-based system is providing the hospital with the reassurance that patients are receiving the correct treatment and that potential for human error is reduced.

A separate system is also used to track and manage blood, whilst another supports medical professionals working within the trust to take decisions based on their observations.

Matt McAlister, the managing director of international health software company MSoft, said: “Specialist cancer surgery has a higher level of blood usage, because processes such as cell salvage are not available, due to the risk of cross contamination.

“[The first patient to receive blood after Bloodhound went live] received an incredible 57 units of blood.”
He added that the healthcare software would “reduce wastage” and “significantly enhance patient safety across the trust”.