• Protect your data with Intel Xeon processors for servers


Like many small businesses, you may be using a desktop PC instead of a server as the central hub for storing company data and running shared business applications. But with a server, you can move your business well beyond what a desktop PC can do.

Today's servers based on the Intel® Xeon® processor E3 family are designed to help keep valuable business data safe, employees more productive, and they are a smart investment in future growth.


A server can deliver more than 5.8 times the performance of a 4-year-old desktop PC1 for faster response times.


A server includes reliability features not available in a desktop PC, such as redundant storage to quickly recover data in case of a hard-drive failure and automatic data error correcting to avoid data loss.2


Investing about $0.10 more per day than the cost of a desktop PC, you can have a server with all of its associated benefits.

Owning an Intel Xeon processor-based server and hosting some of your applications in the cloud are great compliments to each other. As an Intel Technology Provider, we're here to help you find the right combination to best fit your needs.

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