• Introducing the D-Line from Philips


High performance is king, which is why we’re introducing the D-Line, an Android powered display. This 24-7 display has a wealth of smart features, such as the ability to send automated screenshots, ensuring that the correct content is always displayed. Along with this proof of play feature, the D line features a mPCIe slot, which allows users to add an extra Wifi or Bluetooth module. This subtle integration allows for better machine-to-machine communication, perfect for retail installations where metrics and analytics are key. It also contains 16GB of memory, integrated Wi-Fi, and auto-orientation.

With the android integration, it’s easier than every to have full control over your displays. Featuring a quad core processor, this high performing SOC simplifies content management and playback with the ability to play content directly from the display, simply using an android app. Plus, with a dedicated processor, you’ll get the highest performance out of your hardware.

Best of all, the D Line and Android integration works with the current SmartCollection feature set, such as FailOver and CMND, ensuring you’re always sending the right message at the right time.

The D-Line will be available in 32”, 43”, 49”, 55”, and 65”