• Digital device use in the classroom doubled

The use of digital games and apps in the classroom has doubled in the last six years, according to a study by Project Tomorrow, a global non-profit education organisation.

The research also found that today’s students use a variety of devices instead of relying solely on laptops. Half of students were found to be using their smartphones to do in-class research and 39% are photographing class assignments and resources.

This use of digital devices isn’t limited to the classroom, however, as 48% were revealed to be keeping in touch with teachers by emailing outside of school hours and 15% are texting for this purpose.

It is hoped that as current students begin to join the workforce in the coming decades, a current digital skills gap will begin to close. The study claimed that schools are placing a greater emphasis on digital skills in order to facilitate this. Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow, said: "We need a different type of learning experience to prepare students for the future."

Students’ interest in coding was also shown to be increasing, with 53% of those questioned wanting coding to be a regular classroom or extra-curricular activity. While 20% described themselves as being ‘very interested’ in learning how to code.