• Premium mounting solutions for video walls, digital signage and menu boards

Launched as a brand new range last year, B-Tech’s System X is a range of premium mounting solutions designed for video walls, digital signage and menu boards. The mounting system is based around Aluminium support columns and mounting rails which are lightweight yet incredibly strong and fit together in a variety of different configurations to form different mounting solutions with a premium, high-end aesthetic quality. Designed primarily for multi-screen installations, the range is ideal for many different types of installation thanks to a choice of interface arms and is universally compatible with all video wall screens. The range is also compatible with B-Tech’s System 2 collar and pole system and when used together creates one of the most versatile and comprehensive ranges available on the market today.

For the most common mounting requirements, System X is available in a variety of different off-the-shelf kits. For video walls, the universal design of the range allows a single part code to be used for a wide range of different screens. For example, the BT8371 Mobile Video Wall Stand comes in a 2x2 package which allows ALL video wall screens from 46” to 60” to be mounted in a 2x2 configuration - so there’s no need to waste time researching screen models and sizes before ordering.

For menu board installations, solutions must be ordered according to your specific requirements. This process is incredibly easy using the System X online configuration tool - simply enter a few details and a suitable kit will be collated from our stock of components.

This highly comprehensive collection of components is extremely versatile. In addition to making up the parts for the off-the-shelf kits, the components can also be ordered individually. Ordering components instead of kits has two main benefits; complex mounting solutions can be created for configurations which aren’t catered for by the standard packages and, quantities of different components can be held in stock, allowing you to quickly fulfil customer orders no matter what their requirement may be.

There are a variety of different types of components available; fixed, freestanding or mobile bases, vertical support columns, horizontal mounting rails and a variety of different screen interface arms ranging from fixed to pop-out. Installations can even be accessorised with a variety of other equipment such as AV shelves, media players or smaller flat screens.