• Apple announces new health and fitness features for Apple Watch

Apple has launched a range of new health features for its Apple Watch at its World Wide Developers Conference. The tech giant unveiled an emergency alert system, a meditation app and new settings for wheelchair users.

The emergency feature, called SOS, allows the wearer to quickly contact emergency services wherever they are in the world. Activated by pushing the side button, the feature works either through Wi-Fi or as a cellular call via the user’s iPhone.

Breathe, the meditation feature, was described by Apple director of health and fitness technologies Jay Blahnik as a tool “to guide you through simple deep-breathing sessions that can help you quiet your mind, relax your body, and better deal with everyday stress.”

Apple VP of technology Kevin Lynch explained: “After you’re done talking to emergency services, the Watch will automatically notify your emergency contacts. It will send them a map of where you are. And after sending the message, your Watch will now show your medical ID, which is also a new feature. It has things like your age, and allergies, and other information you might want to put there.”

Apple has also designed a new activity setting for wheelchair users, a user group who may have previously felt excluded by the watch’s ‘Time to Stand’ instructions.

This has been changed to ‘Time to Roll’. Two workouts have been designed specifically for people who use wheelchairs. These were developed with the help of non-profit organisations the Challenge Experts Foundation and the Lake Shore Foundation.