• Five things you need to know about buying a tablet pc

Why a tablet pc?

This highly portable device takes its inspiration from the smartphone market by utilising touchscreens. Originally designed for the consumer market, the lack of a physical keyboard may well compromise productivity but manufactures have bolstered security and the ability to pair with peripheral devices to add more business functionality.

Tip 1 - Connectivity

Decide on whether you need 4G connectivity (and research price plans) before the purchase, as this won’t be an add-on option later. However, tablets with 4G connectivity usually cost £1000 upwards.A 4G tablet although convenient, can give you the worst of both worlds- it is chunkier and less mobile than a smartphone but has
less power than a laptop or Ultrabook.

Tip 2 - Storage

Consider storage carefully. Cloud services are an option but, in the event of connectivity issues, how much storage is required and how much are you willing to pay? If you are wanting to buy a cheaper tablet they will tend to have less storage space - around 8GB or 16GB. While more expensive tablets can offer up to 128GB of space. Remember the operating system and pre-installed apps will take up space. Another thing to consider is - does your tablet come with a memory slot for expanding storage on your device?

Tip 3 - Keyboards

If typing is a priority, make sure the keyboard ergonomics are not compromised. If you are wanting to use the keyboard more frequently you should test it before buying - is there enough space below the keyboard for your palms? Is the touchpad sensitive enough?

Tip 4 - Business Application

File management, access to VPNs and critical business applications are often limited - consider whether these will be required regularly.

Tip 5 - Accessories

Unlike the notebook equivalents, the screen will always be exposed. Buying a case is an option, as are other peripheral accessories but they come at additional cost.

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