• Wireless-connected thermometers can help reduce telehealth inaccuracies

Wireless-connected thermometers have the potential to reduce inaccuracies in telehealth data gathering, according the thermometry specialists ARC Devices.

The technology firm has recently developed a thermometer that can be embedded in a remote patient monitoring kit. This will provide real-time temperature data, enabling video and data-driven telehealth.

Accurate temperature reading has long been a vital element of medical interaction, helping practitioners reach a diagnosis.

But with telehealth, clinicians must rely on the patients to take their own temperatures at home, which ARC says can lead to inaccuracies.

ARC says that with a wireless-connected thermometer, however, measurements are taken and added to the patient’s electronic health record.

This way they can be viewed by a clinician as part of a comprehensive overview of their patient’s health. "We are making it easier for patients and providers to obtain an accurate look at their temperature readings in real-time, and integrating this data directly into their electronic health records," said Irwin Gross, CEO of ARC Devices. ARC has developed the telehealth solution with VSee – the developer of the video chat system on the international space station.

The partnership is bringing together video communications with advanced medical sensor technology with the aim of improving accuracy and reliability in telehealth.