• The popularity of health trackers is driving growth in wearable technology

The growing popularity of health and fitness trackers is driving significant growth in wearable technology, according to IDC.

The tech analyst said the market had grown 67.2% year-on-year reaching 19.7 million units in 1Q16. However, Jitesh Ubrani, senior research analyst at IDC said there are two clear branches within the wearables market.

"Smart watches attempt to offer holistic experiences by being everything to everyone, while basic wearables like fitness bands, connected clothing or hearables have a focused approach and often offer specialised use cases," said Ubrani.

"It's short-sighted to think that basic wearables and smart watches are in competition with each other. Right now, we see both as essential to the overall market.The unique feature sets combined with substantial differences in price and performance sets each category apart, and leaves plenty of room for both to grow over the next few years."

The analyst’s report added that the wearables we see today are several steps ahead of what was available when the market began, ‘increasingly taking their cues from form, function, and fashion’.

IDC also revealed the top five wearables vendors currently in the market, with Fitbit still the reigning leader. This is followed by Xiaomi, a company that is solely successful in China and Apple which was third. Garmin, has managed to gain fourth place in the market ahead of Samsung due to the popularity of its wristbands and watches among athletes.