• Prowise Presenter


Prowise have been working and developing their solutions alongside educators for years now but the one word that never fails to light up the faces of teachers is ‘Resources’.

Prowise Presenter was originally developed as device independent online software for instruction and presentations. Today anyone can download the Presenter app and begin creating their own presentations and lessons easily with a litany of interactive tools.  In addition to which Presenter users become a part of the global Presenter community where resources and content can be shared and inspiration can be found.  In May 2016 the number of lessons saved to the community folder reached 1,000,000.

Prowise has responded to the continued popularity of the tablet as an educational device by fine-tuning the functionality of Presenter for iPads.  The Camera Tool allows the user to take a photograph and instantly it can be uploaded directly into Presenter and into a formatted presentation.  The possibility of taking the class out of the classroom becomes a very realistic option.  It changes the way teaching has to be delivered.

The integrated Annotate Function is a simple idea with big benefits for teachers.  It means that they can write on photos, documents or even websites with the added advantage of being able to cut and paste content directly into Presenter.

Presenter is optimised when used in conjunction with Prowise Touchscreens where live interaction is possible between the student’s personal devices and the teachers main touchscreen.  The live screen is a fantastic way of sharing material and checking the progress of pupils by bringing their work up in real-time in front of the class. 

The new Presenter Mindmap Tool is a feature that lets students send their own input to the mindmap on the main touchscreen from their own personal device.  The teachers can then see who is contributing and whether or not they want to add this contribution to the mind map. 

Other tools allow for content adaptations.  Teachers can add their own content to the memory tool or word puzzle or even make their own infographics/ talkboard through the interactive “I”.  This interactive “I” tool allows a functionality with which teachers can add their own information-buttons e.g. to pictures. They can add text, sounds, video, links or (web)illustrations to this button.

The tools themselves are user-friendly and allow teachers to track progression easily.