• Innovative Solutions from Tripp Lite Help Public Sector Organisations Overcome IT Challenges


In public sectors like education, government and healthcare, reliable IT equipment is essential for daily operation, but administrators often have limited technology budgets. Tripp Lite has designed cost-effective solutions that help every organisation make the most out of all of the IT resources at their disposal.

Portable, Self-Contained Air Conditioner Provides a Low-Maintenance Way to Keep Equipment Cool

The SRXCOOL12K pumps 12,000 BTU (3.5kW) of efficient close-coupled cooling into server rooms and other IT environments. The unit rolls into place wherever cold air is needed most, making it ideal for spot, rack, area and backup cooling. Installation is easy, with no help from a costly outside contractor or disruptive construction projects required.

Key Features:

  • Built-in evaporator expels condensed water through exhaust tube—no floor drain or water collection tank needed
  • Also filters and dehumidifies air to enhance equipment performance
  • Supports unattended shutdown and start-up, including automatic restarts after power failures
  • Intuitive top-panel controls with an informative digital display and diagnostic LEDs
  • Can be operated remotely with optional SRCOOLNET accessory

Put an End to Missing Assets and Cable Sprawl! Charging Stations Simplify Tablet Management

As the use of USB devices like tablets becomes more widespread for business and educational purposes, management of the devices becomes a headache for IT administrators. But Tripp Lite charging stations charge, sync, secure and organize up to 48 USB devices at the same time. Perfect for schools, libraries and other educational institutions, they ensure devices get the power they need and keep valuable hardware and data investments safe from theft and tampering.

Key Features:

  • High-speed charging of up to 2.4A per device, plus syncing
  • Flow-through ventilation prevents devices from overheating during charging
  • Shelves with removable dividers and integrated cord management allow easy organisation
  • Cabinets can be wall-mounted or deployed on desks, tables or floors; mobile cart options provide flexibility