• The Jabra PRO 900 offers a simple, reliable and affordable way to go wireless – with up to £40 cash

Did you know?

81% of companies with strong abilities for delivering great customer experience are out-performing competition

Peppers & Rogers Group, Customer Experience Maturity Monitor, 2009

By giving great customer service you can double the sales opportunity in each existing account

Harvard Business Review. The value of customer experience quantified, 2014

Reducing background noise and interruptions from colleagues increases productivity 

 Jabra, ‘The Power of Conversation’ study, Q4 2015

93% report that a wireless headset makes them more efficient 

 Jabra & YouGov, 201

Giving you the flexibility of a wireless headset, no matter where you choose to work or how you connect your calls:

1.     Single connectivity for one connection - to desk phone or softphone.

2.     Dual connectivity for two connections - to softphone and Bluetooth device or desk phone and Bluetooth device.

Office calls on the go: why choose the PRO 900 Series

  • Mono and Duo headsets available to suit all employee working styles and environments
  • One base for the headset for charging, and storing the headset. The base also shows charged status on all variants and mute. On the Jabra PRO 925 and 935 you can use the base to receive and end calls.
  • Range of connectivity options to suit different employee preferences and needs: Bluetooth wireless range is up to 100 metres, DECT wireless range is up to 120 metres
  • Facilitate mass deployment and headset software updates with Jabra Xpress – available on all Jabra USB Intelligent Audio Devices
  • Make a headset investment go further when in periods of change; choose a headset that can go from a contact centre environment to an office environment with the Jabra Pro 900 Series
  • With the ability to transfer calls from your softphone to your mobile seamlessly with our Bluetooth dual connectivity variant, you can now finish each conversation clearly and without interruption, wherever your calls take you.

The Jabra PRO 920 and Jabra PRO 930 are available in both mono and duo, all other single and dual connectivity are available in mono only. With the Jabra Pro 925 dual connectivity Bluetooth variant, you can receive and make calls from both your deskphone and mobile devices. For softphone and mobile device connectivity, use the Jabra PRO 935.

Purchase before the 30th June 2016 and get £20 cashback on the Pro 900 Mono and £40 cashback on the PRO 900 Duo!

To discover more about the Jabra PRO series of wireless headsets contact your Account Manager.