• Smart technology expected to have a major impact on schools

Smart technology and the Internet of Things are set to play a major role in education over the next few years, according to a survey of education IT leaders.

The study, conducted by Extreme Networks, revealed that 46% of those surveyed believed that smart school technology will have a major impact. Currently, only 9% of those surveyed have implemented a smart school plan, while just 3% are planning to implement the technology over the next one to three years. Almost a quarter (23%), however, said they are beginning to investigate smart schools.

Smart technologies mentioned in the report included interactive whiteboards, tablets and e-books and 3-D printers. In addition to interactive classroom technologies, the study also looked at plans for IoT technology which included attendance tracking, temperature sensors and interactive doorlocks and smart HVAC systems.

The study, which surveyed more than 600 education IT leaders in North America, cited of number of benefits coming from the implementation of these technologies. These included improved measurement of student success, improved efficiency and reduced costs. Learning benefits were found to include improved student engagement and teaching creativity, and a more personalised education.

Some concerns raised over implementing smart school technology included security, interoperability and manageability.