• Ricoh and NEPA: Supporting the education sector with award winning printers

Ricoh has been awarded the NEPA contract to supply the UK Higher and further education Sector. This is an exciting move for Ricoh as it re-affirms the confidence and quality of our products. Working with Probrand, we are able to provide our award winning devices to be integrated into universities and colleges for more productive and cost-effective processes.

This is a remarkable opportunity to bring our super-efficient and reliable devices to the education sector across the UK. Ricoh’s outlook ties very closely with that of NEPA. We bring the understanding that there are similar demands across each educational institution and a need to provide the best possible solutions.

The Ricoh multifunction printer range has is packed with functionality that is ideal for the education sector because of its flexibility, energy efficiency and affordable total cost of ownership. Our reliable devices are proven to offer the best possible support for tutors and students thanks to their broad functionality.

NEPA – working for better education

The National Education Print Agreement (NEPA) was formed over 10 years ago by the North Eastern University Purchasing Consortium (NEUPC). NEPA was set up to identify the print needs of different educational institutions, find common areas of demand and get the best value from suppliers to meet these requirements.

Experience and usability – MFPs from Ricoh

Ricoh is a global organisation that specialises in wide format and multifunction printers. This has led us into an exciting Partnership with Probrand. Now our award winning products are available through this highly respected supplier.

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