• Make meetings work properly with Samsung Interactive displays

We take a look at the many ways in which Samsung’s latest interactive, connected displays promote creative and collaborative problem-solving

The best and most productive meetings are about collaboration, brainstorming and creatively solving problems. And traditional whiteboards have always been something of an obstacle to inspiring true teamwork, as they tend to encourage one person to lead a meeting and the rest to follow.

Conversely, too many meetings fail to stimulate and motivate participants to contribute their ideas and thoughts, for a variety of reasons. Presentations might be dull and lifeless, or there may be few opportunities for junior team members to share their opinions.

Thankfully, Samsung’s latest interactive displays now bring a touch screen experience to your large meeting room display, which allow you to browse the web, show documents, share ideas, and collaborate on the big screen.
If you’re giving a presentation to your colleagues, you want to captivate their imaginations and engage their brains. You need your team to really think about and focus on your messages and arguments for them to respond with creative and constructive input. Otherwise, why bother having a meeting in the first place?

The Samsung Interactive Display can be used to inject that much-needed energy and dynamism into your meetings and the latest Interactive Whiteboard Software and AirScreen wireless technology allow presenters at the front to access and share content from colleagues anywhere in the room.

Plus, they look utterly stunning. Clear and deeply immersive displays with a phenomenal 5,000:1 contrast ratio and an Anti-glare Touch Overlay mean that your content – whether it’s copy, infographics, videos or interactive applications – will be more eye-catching than ever before.

An intuitive PC-less “large tablet” experience

Samsung’s PC-less interactive whiteboard has a pre-installed player built on Android that offers users an experience that they are comfortable and familiar with, as it is essentially very much like an intuitive “large tablet” experience. Which means no more mid-meeting lulls while you fiddle around with awkward slideshows or temperamental presentation tech.

The fact that you can easily share content around the room combined with the user-friendly nature of the touchscreen means your meeting’s participants are far more likely to interact and become involved in sharing ideas. A typical presentation now becomes a two-way discussion, seamlessly merging visual content and essential data to allow teams to work together collaboratively.

Sharing transforms team communication

Samsung’s AirScreen app makes sharing simple. It means that you can connect up to four Windows devices to your interactive whiteboard, so colleagues and delegates can get far more productively involved in group discussions than ever before – sharing documents, multimedia content and anything else on their screens with everybody in the meeting.

And because AirScreen is built on the Android platform, both the core functionality and the future-proofed flexibility of being able to add new services and meeting-friendly apps gives you a clear competitive advantage.
Overall, better collaboration and innovation in meetings gives your business the edge. Sharing and engaging with ideas is the key to improved decision-making at every level. So why not transform your organisation from the ground up with the new Samsung Interactive Display?