• Global spending on education technology hardware is growing quickly

Total spending in the global education technology hardware market increased by 7% in 2015, according to a report published by Futuresource Consulting.

The report claims that growth in this $15bn market (up from £10.5bn in 2012) demonstrates that education technology is becoming prevalent in schools throughout the world.

Futuresource said the personal computer segment of this market was providing the biggest area of growth. The study said that this growth was partly driven by the emergence of Chromebooks in the USA, with sales of these devices up over 42% year on year. It added that a move towards personalised learning and digital assessment methods was also driving investment in personal computing.

The report also highlight mobile PC devices as by far the most significant area of education technology spending. Futuresource said this segment makes up 67% ($10.1 billion) of the total expenditure.

Other technologies highlighted in the report included front of class displays, which have also seen an increase in sales. Over 2.5 million interactive displays were sold last year, with the volume of interactive flat panels more than doubling. The variety of new models entering the market was also said to be leading to increased competition between whiteboard vendors, while interactive projectors are forecast to see continued growth over the next few years.