• Employee Wellbeing. Choose efficiency gains over work-related pains

It makes good business sense for employees to be as effective as possible – which means any workplace suffering comes at a price. People achieve more when they’re less distracted, feel more engaged when they’re comfortable and have fewer sick days when they’re free from physical pain.

Taking early measures to reduce discomfort and injury at work offers a significant opportunity to increase morale, attendance and productivity.

Kensington’s ergonomic solutions optimise the way in which the human body interacts with devices and the workspaces in which they are used to ensure comfort, wellbeing, and ultimately, productivity.

Measure | Adjust | Fit – Smarter Ergonomic Solutions

Our unique SmartFit® system can be accurately adjusted to every person in every workspace for maximum comfort, without high costs or complexity.

Simply measure your hand using the included hand chart to find your colour setting and then adjust your SmartFit product to your ergonomic setting.

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Common pain points for office workers

Neck painkensington-2.JPG

Neck & shoulder pain is primarily caused by incorrect monitor height and placement. Adjustable risers and stands provide a safe and simple way of elevating comfort levels.

Back pain

Lower back pain is often the result of a poor posture when sitting down. Chair adjustment and back rests offer real comfort gains and encourage the correct posture.

Wrist pain

This can severely hinder productivity. Wrist rests for mice and keyboards elevate the arm and wrist to the correct position to manage and minimise effects and risk of RSIs and carpal tunnel syndrome. Trackballs are effective to tackle effects of carpal tunnel syndrome, replacing wrist movement with finger control.

Leg pain

Poor ergonomics can lead to ankles and legs being forced to bear more load than necessary. Footrests help to maintain the correct posture, ensuring thighs and feet are supported.